Monday, July 23, 2018

Immigrant Health Presentation

JUNTOS-Center for Advancing Latino Health is partnering with the REACH Healthcare Foundation and the KU Student Diversity Council to host a presentation on Latino immigrant health, Friday, July 27th from 9 to 11 am in the HEB, Rom G201.

As background, Mariana Ramirez, Director of the Juntos Center, received funding from the REACH Foundation recently to investigate health insurance coverage and healthcare access for immigrants in the Kansas City metropolitan area, with a focus on immigrants from Latin American backgrounds. 
Please mark your calendars if you are interested in attending and RSVP to:

Juan Pablo Baltazar:

From Mariana:

At this presentation Randy Capps, Director of Research U.S. Programs at MPI, will provide an overview of initial findings of the report that we are co-developing about health insurance coverage and healthcare access for Latino immigrants in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  In addition, Capps will share an update on a proposed rule that would make changes to "public charge" policies that govern how use of public benefits may affect individuals' immigration status. The rule would likely discourage immigrants from accessing health, nutrition and social services. Even though it is still a draft, we are already learning anecdotally about individuals turning down services in our community.

Thank you!